Pacific Audio Fest 2022 – Seattle July 29-31

We will be exhibiting in Seattle next week at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022.

Two systems.

A big room upstairs (Acapella and Audio Note U.K. DAC and HRS rack) on the second floor meeting room Cascade 3.

A normal-sized sleeping room downstairs (Audio Note U.K. and HRS rack) in first floor room 2120.

First time visiting Seattle, Washington for both of us (and Eugene, Oregon on the way). Heard a lot of good things about these two cities (and coming, as we are, from draught-ridden states, the potential for rain does not bother us in the least).

Lou Hinkley created this show, with help from Capital Audio Fest’s Gary Gill. Lou was our upstairs neighbor at the first several Rocky Mountain Audio Fests. He was one of many people we met during those early years who became lifelong friends (people who just sort of became family that we see mostly just at tradeshows [you know, audiophile holidays]).

This is my first show since COVID (and Neli’s second), so going to feel a little weird. Nah, make that VERY weird – for me anyway. But I will attempt my standard show report routine – trying to photograph, video and record as many of the rooms as I can (there look to be about 50), depending on how busy things get and how Covidity people look :-o.

Here is the handout for the Acapella room:

PDF: acapella-room-pacific-audio-fest-2022


And the handout for the Audio Note room:

PDF: audionote-room-pacific-audio-fest-2022