Audio Federation – CAS 2018

We are going to pepper you with photos from the show for awhile here. Oh, and photos from our digs here as well.

Uh, hope you all like pepper!

[the show report is progressing apace – expect it to still be a week out or so]

Acapella Campanile 2 loudspeakers

Audio Note, HRS and Acapella

This is the path we had to use get to the light switches – between the right speaker and the LaMusika poster 🙂

CAS 2018 Day 1 – The Boardrooms

First day was busy. A quick flyby of the boardrooms at the show…. Neli said that more people visited us the first day here at the Dagogo California Audio Show 2018 than the entire time at Axpona.

Margules Group


Triangle Art, Angel City Audio


Pass Labs, Zu Audio


Destination Audio, TriangleArt

AAudio Imports, Stage III, Ypsilon, Wilson Benesch, HB Cable Design

Acapella Campanile 2 loudspeakers, Audio Note, and CAS 2018

We have a new arrival, a pair of Acapella Campanile 2 loudspeakers. We will be showing these at our local hifi show in a few weeks – CAS 2018, on July 27 – 29, in Oakland. Constantine Soo (Dagogo) and Neli will be doing a Facebook Live this Sunday at 2:00pm featuring these speakers. These are the first Campanile 2 to make it to our shores, and look and sound like small versions of the much larger Acapella ‘Apollon’ speakers.

The speakers look a little imposing without the speaker’s grill covers on…


But with grille covers on, they fit right in with a mid-century modern Eichler living room decor. They are eminently driveable by the Audio Note UK 20 watt 300B SET Kegon amplifiers. 🙂

It has been awhile since we had this kind of ‘big sound’ in our main listening room. We like it.

For all of us who are not Facebook Live experts … the California Audio Show has posted some helpful hints to see our video realtime and also afterwards:

Facebook Live