Wilson, Constellation, Raidho… odds and ends: CES 2018

The rest of Neli’s photos of CES 2018.

The cover photo is of costumed opera singers .. singing in the Venetian shops area [you know, the area that every audiophile has gotten lost in at one show or another – or if you are me, multiple shows :-)].


Another ELAC speaker room

CAT speakers on what looks like Theta electronics and a VPI turntable.

A new [‘cute’ says Neli] line of gear I haven’t seen before.

The traditional Epos speaker, Creek electronics, Music Hall turntable room.

Esoteric everything here.

A couple of photos of the Constellation electronics on Magico speakers room.

The Lumin room on what JV thinks are Amadeus Philharmonia speakers.

Chord electronics driving Raidho D4.1 speakers.

Wilson speakers with ClearAudio turntable on HRS silver SXR equipment rack.

Chord electronics on Vienna Acoustics Liszt speakers.


CAS 2017: Best System Performance and Ultimate Cost No Object Design

CAS 2017: Best System Performance and Ultimate Cost No Object Design was just awarded to our California Audio Show 2017 room by Richard Austen on his final Dagogo show report.

I will say that CD sounded better here than anywhere else beating other rooms with vinyl or computer audio playback

I know, right? For many turntables and nearly all which are not setup perfectly [like at a show] this Audio Note U.K. digital is just better. Kind of awesome – convenience AND sounds good [less calories, more alcohol. Something like that]

Richard (aka RGA) got a chance to play his non-audiophile-approved CDs while the rest of us were not paying any attention, trying to figure out if Pink Floyd was the best rock-and-roll band ever and if so for which Albums and years [yes,  and from 66 [relics] to 73 [dsotm] or 77 [animals], depending on mood. Many people hate the animals LP but they are wrong-headed 🙂 as were the majority in the room who disagreed and voted no :-)], and other monumental decisions music-lovers have to debate whenever they first meet [ok, yeah, it only took 1 minute to debate this, but this set the tone for the rest of the 4 hours. you readers know what I mean].

So Richard got to hear the system well over the course of many hours, both Saturday [and Sunday, I might add, us not wanting to pack up for several hours – getting out of there, on our 3rd and final trip home that night, at 11:59 sharp before the ‘deadline’ at midnight].

Frankly, these [Acapella Cellini High speakers] were rather easily the best sound at this show. It took a couple of tracks to begin to appreciate what these speakers are capable of doing. And unfortunately show-goers tend to try and cover as many rooms as possible over stopping to smell the roses

I know, right? And there were quite a few good speakers at this show.

We were so happy that we got to spend time listening after hours with many different people – it has been awhile since a show felt like ‘home’, and the people and the music were just awesome this year.

Thank you, Richard 🙂