HRS SXR Equipment Rack Solid Brace Inserts

Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR equipment racks have an add-on option which are called solid brace inserts. [A geeky post. I know. But it sometimes takes geeky to get the best sound… so there!]

They are often added to the top of the rack to allow support for those heavier turntables that need perhaps a 6-foot HRS isolation platform instead of the usual four-footer. In that sense I think of them often as turntable support or turntable braces.

If you get the solid brace inserts for every shelf of your SXR rack then you have an SXR Signature equipment rack.

The SXR Solid Brace Inserts triples the number of cross braces, pretensions the frame, and adds 4 friction dampers and 2 compression dampers at each component location (Isolation Base location). The added mass, stiffness, control and energy absorption capability provided by the addition of the SXR Solid Brace Inserts pushes the performance of the SXR frame towards that of the very ambitious reference level HRS Audio Stands

These heavy, indestructible pieces of metal come in the most well-packed crate ever 🙂


A HRS SXR 3-shelf high side-by-side equipment rack with sold brace inserts on the top right shelf.

HRS solid brace inserts from below. If you look closely you will see some of the special vibration-control polymers (not traditionally part of the older MXR or new VXR solid brace inserts)



A HRS SXR 3-shelf high side-by-side equipment rack with sold brace inserts on the top right shelf. Audio Note U.K. AN/E SPe high-efficiency speakers. And our embryonic attempt to give YouTube music videos a high-fidelity venue.



Capital Audio Fest 2019 – photos of our giant room

Our room was quite large, and we filled it with music that was musical, well-controlled [except for a little bass overhang around 100 hz and a room resonance freq around 500? hz], smooth, harmonically rich and etc. etc.

It invited comparisons with a ‘live’ performance [not talking here about the overly simplistic demos that are primarily percussion and electric guitar we see out there sometimes]. Wasn’t quite THAT good, but, for me, this is what high-end audio is all about.

Convincingly live music in my room at a push of a button by any artist from any decade. 


We are exhibiting at Capital Audiofest 2019

Audio Federation will be showing at Capital Audiofest CAP 2019. We have a very large room this year and it should be a blast.

What we are showing:

  • Acapella Audio Arts “Campanile 2” loudspeakers (Porsche agate gray horns with white cabinets)
  • Acapella Audio Arts “La Musika” integrated 2000 watt amplifier
  • Acapella Audio Arts “Audio One” music server.
  • Audio Note U.K. “DAC 5 Signature” digital to analog converter.
  • Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) SXR equipment rack and M3X2 isolation bases and Nimbus Couplers/Spacers (feet)
  • Assorted cables from Audio Note U.K., Acapella, et. al.

Neli went last year but this will be the first time I have been at an east coast show since Stereophile New York in 2005

I will try and record video and high-res audio of all the rooms… if you can’t make it with ‘your own eyes’ and ears!