Ultimist has a new look and vast coverage of CAS 2018

Ultimist has a new look. The front page is now a full-featured wordpress blog.

[ The slogan of the site WAS going to be “This is not audio porn”. But I figured the level of intelligence required for people to understand the level of tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating humor in the slogan was too much for the non-audiophiles in the world to handle, they might explode. 🙂 ]

It is where I am going to stuff all my extra photos from the shows and whatever else I think of that does not go here [Axpona 2018 and The California Audio Show 2018 so far].

There will be a lot more features to come once time allows.

The goal is to not be boring. Audiophile writers please inquire, especially first time writers – we are going to expand what it means to be a hifi-publication … [ 🙂 ]

Axpona NOT joining October Hi-Fi Show Madness

We got an email yesterday…

First, please know AXPONA will not be moving to the fall dates as stated last week but will remain in April for 2020 and beyond.

… and it goes on to indicate things are back to normal.

I guess this all served to get people to think about the yearly show schedules and what was important about each show, and which ones were worth the effort… as if we needed to think about this more, haha, and which we seem to spend more time on these days than actually going to the shows themselves.