Elrod Statement power cord and interconnects – preliminary photos

Put up some photos David Elrod sent us. Nice!

They are several pages of photos here: Elrod Statement Powercords and Interconnects

We just got a sample case yesterday – hope to have some initial feedback soon.

This just MUST be power cord season – first the ODIN, then we finally get our Prana Wire Satori, and now these.

What is a poor boy [and girl] to do?

Except smile?

And even more powercord shootouts

Not only is there a part II that is to be posted on the magazine in the next few days, a continuation of the Shootout at the Powercord Corral [a name which is an unfortunate side-effect of living in cattle country :-)] – but we also got the Prana Wire Satori, and soon an Elrod prototype [photos forthcoming], to throw into the fray.

Not sure when we are going to get to do this particular shootout – perhaps over Christmas… it’d be something fun to do with our, uh, perhaps somebody here will be getting some music for the holidays… ? Uh, but don’t know for sure….. never can tell, right? *I* certainly am NOT getting Neli music or anything like that [she thinks I am, but that is just to lead her away from what I am really getting her – just like this blog post will confuse her, along with the rest of you out there… ;-)].