Added a 3rd stereo system here at Audio Federation

In addition to our large system, which you may be familiar with,


with the Acapella Apollon loudspeakers and Audio Note Gaku-On power amplifiers… [we just added the little EMM Labs NS1 streamer there on the top right shelf of the HRS VXR rack]


… and in addition to our interestingly popular small Audio Note system (with large 82 inch flatscreen)….


We added another, medium Goldilocks system with the Acapella Cellini High loudspeakers and LaMusika power amplifier, EMM Labs DV2 DAC/PRE and Audio Note CDT-5 transport.

Other gear in photo: Audio Note DAC 5 Signature, Audio Note Empress 2A3 amplifiers, Triangle Art turntable and newer Pranawire speaker cables.

Yep, having to make use of all available space, this system is in the dining room. It sound really quite good, if a little bit live-sounding. Thinking of putting a piece of carpet down or something. Yeah, a tube jiggled looseĀ in the Acapella ION (Plasma) tweeter over there on the counter while in transit from the previous owner’s system on the other side of the country. These things happen…

The last piece in the picture is the small, cute Audio Note Zero integrated on the middle shelf of the Rix Rax rack. Neli knows more about this [about everything here] than I do [ which is good… SOMEBODY has to know what’s going on around here šŸ™‚ ].

SOLD: Pair of Rix Rax amplifier stands

SOLD. Ā Pair of Rix Rax Outpost Amplifier Stands with 2ā€³ solid maple top shelf, Cocobolo inlay, custom automotive paint (Audi Brilliant Black). Original retail $2250 each. $2400 for the pair,Ā plus shipping, or best offer. A beautiful and effective way to support your amplifiers.

Top shelf dimensions 20″ w x 24″ deep. Overall dimensions 30″ x 26″ x 9.5″ tall. Extremely robust construction. Condition 8/10.
Fillable, and we suggest that you do fill them with sand (or well-mixed sand and lead shot). We’ve been liking aquarium sand lately. Spiked, can and should be leveled. Will ship by freight carrier in the original crate.

No, the Audio Note Conquest Silver Signature amplifier in the picture is not included with the ampstand :-).

Have more questions about Rix Rax, or about these beautiful and distinctive amplifier stands? Send Neli an email ( or give a call: 303.546.6503.






Rix Rax Equipment Racks

As you all probably know by now, Rix Rax decided to sell direct a little while ago.

To that end I finally got around to removing it from the lists of products we carry here scattered through the little website of ours.

I will however leave this link:

which has some photos we have collected over the years of these beautiful equipment racks.

For those in search of an attractive, do-no-harm style rack (that can support, for example, HRS M3 vibration control platforms under the components as funds allow), we recommend you consider Rix Rax as a viable solution.