Munich High-End Show: other reports III

Munich High-End Show: other reports III

Munich was kind of Audiophiledom for the last 10 days….

Enjoy the Music has a few reports up about various exhibits at Munich High-End 2015

AudioStream has a few dozen posts about digital-ish stuff at Munich High-End 2015

HiFi+ also has a few reports. Sorry, they do not make a special link for Munich, so this link will be stale in a week or so

PartTimeAudiophile on how much more fun Munich is than U.S. Shows [he needs to go to T.H.E. Newport Show. At least it is a lot more fun than RMAF and CES, if not Munich. Of course, it is next week so better get over that jet lag quick everybody].

Next Week

And speaking of Newport 2015, Neli will be in the Acapella room (with Audio Note front end) and I will be taking lots and lots of photos. The heck with Instagram (which is where we put the photos last year), this year we will post the photos here on the blog and index them like we do our other show reports.

Munich High-End Show: other reports II

Munich High-End Show: other reports II (so far today)

Featured photo [looks like a ‘hall of mirrors’ in an Avantgarde factory…!], and lots more photos, at Audio Andromeda Munich High-End 2015

And Mike Fremer is working his butt off over at Analog Planet Munich 2015

Audio16 : High End Munich 2015 “in Phono” and then there is High End Munich 2015 “non-phono”

Mono and Stereo: Munich 2015

Not seeing much else right now…