Capital Audio Fest 2018 and Acapella Audio Arts La Campanella speakers

Neli will be at Capital Audio Fest November 2 – 4 [I am unfortunately otherwise occupied].

Please visit her and tell her how awesome she is and and how wonderful her rooms sound 🙂

She will be alternating between the Old Forge Studio room featuring the Acapella Audio Art “La Campanella” loudspeakers and the Triangle Art room.



Capital Audiofest Nov 2-4, with Acapella LaCampanellas!

We’ll be at Capital Audiofest 2018 in metro Washington, DC next weekend — Nov 2-4 — with our newest Acapella Audio Arts dealer, David Cope of Old Forge Studio. Audio Federation is unbeliveably excited to welcome Dave to the Acapella family.

Old Forge Studio will be exhibiting, for the first time in the USA, Acapella’s LaCampanella 2 loudspeakers,  accompanied by electronics from Pure Audio (NZ), Wand, EMT, Innuos and Aqua.

Capital Audiofest will be held at the Hilton Rockville, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD 20852​.  Come visit us, all y’all East Coast folks, room 325!

Audio Quarterly Magazine returns

Audio Quarterly Magazine…

AQ has a new lease of life. They were at one time the premium hifi and music magazine in the UK. Similar to say Fi in the UK.
Please see our their magazine site and journal. AQ will have a new publishing schedule for print 2019
[I never had the pleasure but LOVE seeing new magazines help cover our awesome industry / guilty pleasure]