Other Pacific Audio Fest 2022 show reports

We thought we’d post links to other show reports which mention our rooms – to help drive traffic to them for those of us who still get our news and information from someplace else besides the facebook feed. [is that snarky? cynical? realistic? yes, I think realistic].

Jeff Day on Positive Feedback did a wonderfully warm, human and wide ranging Pacific Audio Fest 2022 show report [although I was overwhelmed with supporting Neli at this show – you have no idea how guilty I feel about being so lazy and slacking off posting such a minimal show report this show – only one or two photos of each room – until I read Jeff’s report. Still feel bad, but – in addition to learning a few things about how I can make better show repots in the future – through his report I get to feel like I can really see the show through someone else’s eyes].

Jeff Day had nice things to say about our Audio Note room and Vincent on Positive Feedback. Thanks Jeff!


Jeff Day had nice things to say on positive feedback about our Acapella room as well. Thanks again, Jeff!





Greg Weaver said nice things about our room on his Audio Analyst YouTube channel. Thank you, Greg! We appreciate it.

And I agree, that rendition of Brothers in Arms was special, in fact, for me, almostĀ hallucinogenic, revealing unexpected artistry and majesty in the guitar-work and the way Mark Knopfler manipulated its tone in this old, old, old standard. And the Audio Note DAC5 Sig always has a tendency to expose the subtle embellishments expert musicians make with their instruments and voices – making the whole experience in general very very intimate. The way I think of it is like a consummate singer (and musician) sitting next to me late at night, nothing else going on around us, singing just to me about life, love and tragedy with all the awe and angst and excitement that a trained human voice can possibly convey. It can often be completely overwhelming emotionally.




Marc Phillips mentioned us on his show report on PartTimeAudiophile. Thanks so much, Marc.


Marc Phillips also mentioned our Audio Note U.K. room on PartTimeAudiophile as well. Thanks Marc!