Not ready to open – but readier

It is unclear how much of the regulations are Santa Clara county and how much are Californian. But these signs are what we needed to have displayed – to remind us and our store visitors what every rational [insert any of a thousand L.A. jokes here – except now not so funny] person already knows about keeping safe and healthy.

In the meantime, Audio Federation is doing well. Mike and Neli are doing well. The rest of the world… the rest of the world needs to crank up the tunes and remember what these short years we are alive are all about.

We have been playing lately with using 3 different DACs for streaming audio using Roon: Audio Note’s DAC Five Signature and Audio Note’s 2-block Fifth Element DAC and Fifth Force power supply and EMM Lab’s DV2 DAC/Pre. A write-up will be forthcoming…

Stay safe. Stay healthy!