Day Three – Whirlwind tour floors 5 and 2

The last day…


Odyssey Audio

Gobel speakers on CH Precision

Luxman turntable

SOtM electronics on Magico S1 MkII speakers

Rainbow Audio

Burwell & Sons speaker

Parts Express [love this display 🙂 Don’t know why…! ]

Metronome Kalista CD transport

Portable XLO cable display

Legacy Audio AMT ribbon tweeter

Von Schweikert speakers on VAC electronics [awesome scale and filled the big room with sound]

Raidho speakers playing Rage Against the Machine “Know Your Enemy” at 100dB. No distortion, even off axis like this.

The expo. Is it just me or…?

Our room with The Acapella Audio Arts Cellini High speakers. The full show report will be forthcoming.