Day Two – Whirlwind tour floors 6, 7, 15, 16

Whew! A lot of rooms…

Avantgarde horns on Esoteric electronics


Big Piega speakers on Soulution electronics (little Franco Serbin speakers in foreground)

Exquisite implementation of the old “inner tube under the components” technique for vibration control

Doehmann Helix One turntable, with Schroeder CB11 arm and Phasemation P2000

Kharma speakers on Nagra electronics

Itty bitty Magico cutaway speaker dislpay

HHR exotic speakers

The Headphone lounge


Hugh Masekela “Stimela” on tape played on Joseph speakers and Jeff Rowland electronics. Nice 🙂


Riva’s Google-Home-driven wireless speakers

Technics direct-drive turntable motor

Daedalus speakers on Lampizator electronics – very nice

I thought this Alta Audio speaker system also sounded very nice