Yesterday – Setup day – Axpona 2018

A lot of photos should be forthcoming…. After a few glitches with getting the crates from downstairs to our room [they st6arted arriving about 1pm], setup went well.

The fact that the material of the left wall is different from that of the right, the fact that there is a huge (HUGH) buffet thing along one wall, does not make for a perfect sounding room. The long wall is an option, but seating is so awkward in those kinds of setups at shows – everyone having to walk in front of the listeners, and everyone being nearfield… Don’t get me wrong, these speakers make great super-sized headphones, but… 🙂


Acapella Cellini High loudspeakers and LaMusika integrate amplifier; Audio Note CDT-Five transport and Fifth Element DAC and its Fifth Force power supply – all on HRS’s SXR equipment rack with M3X platforms and Nimbus.