Audio Federation to show at Axpona 2018

We will be showing at Axpona 2018 in room 440.

That is 440 people, right next door to Odyssey [i.e. Klaus] and Raidho [i.e. Lars, et. al.], just around the corner from The Voice That Is [i.e. Doug] and High Water Sound [i.e. Jeff]. Lots of good sounding rooms nearby 🙂

The goal, the plan, the hope is to show:


Acapella Audio Arts Cellini High loudspeakers

Acapella Audio Arts La Musika integrated amplifier

Audio Note UK Fifth Element DAC [ 🙂 ]

Audio Note UK CDT-Five transport

HRS equipment rack [probably the 3-shelf SXR with outboard M3X platform for the Fifth Element’s Fifth Force power supply]

Audio Note and Acapella cableage and power cords.

This is our first Axpona. Looks like we are doing this instead of the LA Audio show [hey, I just work here ;-)]

See ya all there!

< For all of our Bay Area fans …. we’ll also be back in Boardroom 5 at CAS, end of July, … intending to bring the analogue rig to that one, yum. >