The Audio Note M9 RIAA Signature phonostage

The Audio Note M9 RIAA Signature phono stage.

The new 2-box phonostage from Audio Note U.K.

Price is in the 6-figures.

Wait! Before you say anything… AN has always innovated at the limits of what is possible, making the best gear in the world, and charging for it.

Save your ire for the second and mid-tier manufacturers who go along happily year after year and then all-of-a-sudden start putting 6-figure prices on their stuff. Their amps, and their speakers, and their preamps, and… And it is hard to find a second and mid-tier company that does NOT have something outrageously priced anymore.

Make sure to check out the full review of the M9 RIAA Signature – to be reviewed by the esteemed Mr. Fred Crowder at Dagogo.