Acapella and Audio Federation at California Audio Show 2017

Acapella Audio Arts and Audio Federation at California Audio Show 2017.

The show is coming right up!

This is the ad we are running featuring Acapella. We are also showing with Audio Note [who also has another room at the show].

We will be on the 1st floor in Boardroom V. It is a large room, and we are trying to get some sofas for the room.

We like sofas in our rooms at shows. Why? Because they are more comfortable than the somewhat uncomfortable chairs typical at shows.

Yeah, sometimes it puts your ears and a height that is slightly below optimal – but it allows a person to rest and relax after wandering the show for several hours.

And… This can lead to listening for longer periods of time. We believe we have a competitive advantage in that the longer people listen the more they will hear the difference between the sound in our room [assuming it doesn’t suck, and it usually doesn’t :-)] and that in other rooms.

In any case, it should be fun 🙂