Our Cellini are here…

Acapella Cellini loudspeakers in a modern gray and white fit very nicely into this mid-century modern home.

Thin deformable walls and make for some bass suck-out, and hard-surfaces everywhere make for an elevated midrange – so we have work to do.

Neli has some family-heirloom carpets that go well here – but they are too small! So what do we do? Get a new carpet that better fits the room? Use two smaller ones, albeit ones that have different patterns from each other? Is the aesthetics of the room really that important? Does it contribute to the enjoyment of the music or it’s only job to stop the sound from bouncing around the room indefinitely?

You know, moving requires us to make So Many Decisions. We are kind of burnt out.

Anyway, lots of tuning to do.



OK. I guess it had to come out sometime. There is indeed a mirror that surrounds the gas fireplace. Not our idea. Seriously.

Have to say that you DO get used to it. But we will probably put some plants there, or paste up old album covers over it, or give people Halloween masks to wear [I will be Terminator and Neli? Trying to convince her to go for the Princess Leia, but…]


We’ll be open soon… !