Audio Note Soro Phono SE Integrated Amp

Audio Note Soro Phono SE Integrated Amp open chassis photos.

Been awhile since we posted photos of the innards of something. Its guts. Out there for the whole world to see.


Sure is a heckuva lot of ‘stuff’ in this box.

This Soro PhonoSE has been in the storage unit for-ev-er. It is sounding way, way better than it ought to [at its $6500 or so price] downstairs on the little Audio Note AN/E Spe HE speakers.

Its kind of freaking people out 🙂

This integrated amplifier outputs about 18 watts per channel.

IMG_0591-audio-note-soro-phono-se-open-chassis IMG_0592-audio-note-soro-phono-se-open-chassis IMG_0593-audio-note-soro-phono-se-open-chassis IMG_0595-audio-note-soro-phone-se-integrated-bottom IMG_0598-audio-note-soro-phono-se-integrated-amp-open-chassis

audio note soro phono se integrated amp rear