Edge M12 monoblock amplifiers

Withdrawn by consignee. Upgraded Edge M12 amplifiers (a pair, one for each channel). Original MSRP $13,600, we were asking $8000 obo. This pair is similar in performance to Edge’s later NL series amplifiers, but in a simpler chassis. Recently checked by Edge amplifier designer, who originally sold and upgraded these amps.

The M12 is a dual chassis, quad transformer amplifier (a power supply for each half of the sine wave, for each channel). It is the precursor to the laser biased NL series monoblocks and remains a formidable contender with the newest designs on the market.

While the transformers on the NL monoblocks are universal (multi-tapped 50/60 Hz) and superior with respect to addressing anomalies on the AC line, the sonic performance on a clean AC line with these older M series amplifiers is superb.

Please note: the transformers in the M12 are specified for 110/120 VAC @ 60 Hz only

The Edge sound is even across the frequency range, clean and fast with good detail and harmonic resolution, without being lean or grainy.

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IMG_1304-edge-m12-amp-top IMG_1305-edge-m12-amp-front IMG_1308-edge-m12-amp-right-rear IMG_1309-edge-m12-amp-left-rear IMG_1310-edge-m12-amp-left-top IMG_1311-edge-m12-amp-left-front