McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Wadia, Sumiko…

Here are the facts about who owns who, as published in the TWICE magazine, the online version of which is here.

McIntosh is now owned by Fine Sounds. It was previously owned by D+M Group, which owns Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics.

Fine Sounds also owns Sonus Faber, Audio Research, WADIA, and Sumiko [OK. The description of what these companies do, as stated in the article, is kind of bizarre, but you get the idea].

Fine Sounds is owned by Quadrivio, an investment management firm based in Milan. Fine Sounds was formed 4 years ago with the purchase of Sonus Faber.

[And not in the article…]

Sumiko owns REL, bought Feb. 2006

KP Capital Partners bought Krell Nov. 2009 [although somewhat of a hostile takeover]

And Focal bought Naim Aug 2011

OK. Anybody I miss?