Death of the Music Publishing Industry

[I found this on a blog that looks at a lot of business charts…, The Understatement]

The music industry is down 64% from its peak.

The music industry is actually down 45% from where it was in 1973.

The CD peak was only 13% better than the vinyl peak.

10 years ago the average American spent almost 3 times as much on recorded music products as they do today.

26 years ago they spent almost twice as much as they do today.

Kind of a ‘This Was Your Life’ chart, isn’t it? Memories…

Whoa. 10 years ago CD sales jumped off a cliff [just about the time Neli and I turned our hobbyist tendencies into business. Doh!].

Not sure why the recording industry is so dependent on ALBUM sales. Why not singles too? [see original website to see what I am talking about, if you care]

Apparently the iPod killed the CD. Presumably the smartphone will kill the iPod.

Not sure how the ultra high-end is affected, but mid-fi better support the smartphone as a source, or else.

The current trends.

[Personally I think online subscriptions will win the day, albeit apparently the current trend is flat. I think the flat trend is a damping factor provided by the iPod generation who has not yet switched to listening to music on their smart phones].