Been meaning to post about this for way too long.

More to come on this SACD & blu-ray music disc combo with some amazing sound and music:

96/24 DSD Stereo + 5.1 SACD
92/24 Stereo + 5.1 Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Video

Picture forthcoming – but the music itself is, well, here in the U.S. it sounds much like Native American chanting. But unlike Native American chanting that we heard in Santa Fe last August at Indian Market, say, which is filled with anguish and regret – the music on the disc is full of mirth and joy and is quite playful.

Just about everyone who hears it asks where they can get one [even though Neli insists on playing the ‘dog barking song’ – which is really not that weird or funny – nor is it representative – I think she likes to see all the expressions on people’s faces]. The fact that so many different kinds of people [including us by the way!] like this disc speaks well of the music.

The sound is excellent as well. This is fairly complex music – and the liner notes describe to what lengths the recording engineers went through to get it right. A lot of emphasis has been also on the 5.1 surround aspect of the recording – which we were not able to experience. Similarly with the blu-ray music disc – my blu-ray setup is probably better than most but the bar is so low [and comparing it to what I normally listen to thru that system – Comcast Digital Cable TV, the BEST example of why we need anti-trust laws that one could imagine – the bar is just so very, very low. Well, I should probably listen to it there anyway. TBD.]

If you are like us – and have / enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and are always looking for something that is not the same old derivative this or that – and yet at the same time is very very high quality sound – then you need this.