The fastest browsers…

As you all know, Spintricity is a more modern magazine than your typical audiophile fare… Here is the latest chart, posted this Halloween, which makes it clear why we recommend all browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer.

We still support IE, but we figure that everybody will have a fast browser soon [and IE may catch up eventually], just like we were the first [and still only?] site to put large photos in our show reports, figuring that most people were going to have broadband sooner or later and most of us want to SEE what is in the photo, not just get a hint or two.

And with the magazine, we figure people want to ENJOY their audiophile addiction, not just research it to death reading long-winded treatises trying to find the one or two WORDS about how it sounds and the subtle HINTS embedded here and there about any problems encountered…

I’m just saying

Not that there are any Audiophile magazines out there like this.



Somebody told me a few days ago that they saw each and every page of the 1800 page RMAF report. He uses the Google Chrome browser. I figure it takes about 10 minutes to cruise the entire report, less time than it takes to cruise most other reports: where you have to click on a page, scroll down down to the bottom, click on the link to the next page, wait, wait wait for it to load, scroll down down down to the bottom, click on the link to the next page…. of many other reports.

Since it only takes him 10 minutes, he can stop and zoom in on a photo, click on a link to visit a particular manufacturer’s site, and enjoy the process of seeing EVERYTHING that was at the show [course, this will make it take LONGER than 10 minutes to get through the report, but this will be spending that time the way HE wants to spend it].

Personally, I use FireFox most of the time, and sometimes Safari and Opera, sometimes Chrome. But IE? Might as well go back to dial up!