CES 2009 report has already exceeded 1500 photos…

… so I guess my previous estimates of the entire report having 1500 photos were…. low.

I think the source of my failure to guestimate correctly lies in the fact that with a better camera – more of the photos came out lookin’ good.

Also the new format makes show casing each room, as well as we possibly can, more useful, as we will be able to find the room again someday [and the search engines will be able to find them too]. We will actually try to go back through the show report, and tag each piece of equipment for what it is – so that the show report will become sort of the be-all-and-end-all of current high-end audio equipment information. Yes, we are hoping exhibitors will post more information in the comments section as well, along with comments by other people who were there, and questions by those who weren’t [or, knowing the net as we all do, visa-versa].

Remember for posts in the forums: Politeness is Correct – you can say more or less what you want, but be polite about it.

Yes, I know the show report is still only about 40% done [here I go guestimating again] and everybody is kind of holding their breath to see just what can [will] happen. We do think that maybe putting T.H.E. Show’s show report into the next issue – along with a backlog of articles that are piling up.