Well… back from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

…and boy are we tired of lifting heavy equipment.

We are so bummed that we didn’t get to do any daily reports from the show because the hotel inadvertently disconnected our room. And we did not find this out until late late late the first night – then by the time we were ready to upload photos the 2nd night it was again late…. and well, it is only a 3 day show…

But there are 1500+ photos and the show report will be forthcoming.

Everybody loved the Lamm ML3 amps on the big Martens in our room – and in fact they liked the sound a lot better than our sound last year [last years system was kind of tweaky – a setup with an integrated on the active crossover on the Supremes required careful tweaking of the bass and sometimes the phase for each song – but it really sang when it was tweaked correctly].

Attendance was – my guess, within 5 – 10% of last year. Considering the fear mongering on Wall Street and the cold snap on the last 2 days, that is pretty good. What people were looking at this year seemed quite a bit different than last year. Hard to pin it down, but perhaps there was more focus by visitors on favorites and less exploration of all the unfamiliar rooms?

OK. Time to answer Remy’s post.