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Our inner ears generate their own sounds

Our inner ears generates its own sounds – which might account for some dichotomy between measured and subjective quality of some high fidelity systems.

Seems to me that this effect, linked to below, would tend to make the subjective experience better than it would ordinarily be. Both aiding listening and confounding ‘golden ear’ evaluation of absolute quality of high fidelity audio

“Not only can the human ear detect sounds, it can also generate them. If the ear hears the two upper tones of a major triad, it produces the fundamental of the chord which can then be measured. This phenomenon [is] called “otoacoustic emission”

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-01-audiometric-reliable.html


Audiophile’s Guide to High-end Audio Subwoofers

Moved the old Audiophile’s Guide to High-end Audio Subwoofers page to the new website. Updated it. And isn’t it interesting that there are fewer subwoofers available now than even just a few years ago.

For example, the Krell take-no-prisoners wait-a-half-hour-after-eating subwoofer presented at CEDIA 2012 is no longer found on their website.

Perhaps REL is just continuing to grow market share. Perhaps full-range speakers are just getting better at handling the low frequencies. Perhaps hybrid home audio / home theater systems are no longer as popular as they were a few years ago.


Still fun things even though we never actually had one here. Talked about it some. Mostly back when we had a combined home audio / home theater system.

But never actually did anything about it…

Apparently not a lot of you all did either, though many people we talk to USED to have one at one time or another.


RMAF 2014 October 10th – 12th Denver, Colorado

Just a month until RMAF 2014, our local version of a high-end audio show.

The Rocky Mountain Audiofest website seems much improved. Looks like no overflow rooms at the neighboring Hyatt this year.

Now in its 11th year. Yow. Somebody is getting old and I think it is me.

We are not showing this year though we thought seriously about showing the Acapella Atlas speakers. But… considering we do not have a room at the show, I guess we will not. :-/

We are going to do a show report, I think, again this year. But since there are so many Audio Federation-like show reports these days, seems like we need to do a un-Audio Federation-like show report to differentiate ourselves.

Wonder how the heck we are going to do that….? We have ideas.But perhaps it will be better left as a surprise. Don’t think the major websites will copy this for several years – but you never can tell.

[Yes. Sorry. It irritates that dozens of sites copied our approach to show reports. Life was so much easier when show reports were just Stereophile posting 10 photos and us posting 1000. Also irritates that I moved the show reports around too much over the years and people couldn't find them sometimes.]

Lately, and for the foreseeable future, show reports will be here and the archive of the photos and information from shows will be on Ultimist. We might get a little behind, but we’re trying hard to manage all this and make it happen before the turn of the next century.

It was fun putting stuff up on Instagram for the Newport Beach Hifi Show, but not too many audiophiles over on Instagram yet and integration with Facebook there is puzzlingly absent [aka very, very poor] considering that Facebook bought them years ago now.

So. Yes. Stay tuned for the bestest Audiofest 2014 Show Report Ever ;-)


More online high-end audio blogs and magazines

Added AudioFi.net, Headphone.guru to the English-language online high-end audio blogs and magazines page for a total of 70 now.

Also added Hi-Fi.ru (Russian), HiFi Live.es (Spanish), HiFi.com.pl (Polish) to the foreign-language high-end audio blogs and magazines page for a total of 45.

OK. A little overwhelming. But pretty cool. A lot of people expressing their opinions and lots of avenues for gear to find a way to get some ‘air time’.

We can look at the stats which tell us how many clicks each of the website logos received. Some people click on logos of websites they have never seen before. Some find their old favorites that they haven’t visited in awhile.

Popular today is Dagogo, Sixmoons, Mono and Stereo, Absolute Sound, the Audio Beat

Yesterday it was Stereophile, Top Audio Gear, Audio X Press, UHF Magazine, and the State of Sound

The fact that these change so much day-to-day is fascinating and not a little bit completely confusing.

The difference between online blogs and online magazines is really, really blurry. I guess blogs make it easy to see the latest articles and magazines often make you think a little harder about what you are looking for.

Some have ‘think pieces’ but most just have lots of reviews. Both rely a lot on having a review of a specific piece of gear that people are using Google to search for.

A few are trying to have fun but most are treating the hobby as a Very Serious, Complex and Technical hobby – not for the faint of heart ;-P

But when I zoom around the web, visiting a lot of these websites, I come away with the feeling that this is a very rich and rewarding hobby, with lots to offer everybody.



Boulder 1000 year flood – one year anniversery

Today, September 11th, is the Boulder 1000 year flood one year anniversary.

After looking at the maps of what happened during the flood, it appears that our house was the precise point of maximum rainfall [there was a weather station just down the hill - that got damaged during the flood - so we are pretty confident about this. Yay.].

Very wet summer and wetter September. Tomorrow all this will be ice.

Every day, THIS is what we wake up to for much of this week.  And much of the summer. Whenever it starts raining really hard people here kind of look at each other; then look at the ceiling where you can hear the pelting of the giant raindrops we’ve been getting; then kind of grimace.

Sometimes the days would start off nice but then by 1:00pm or so we had to turn on lights it was so cloudy and dark and rainy and poopy.

We’ve already got Boulder’s average yearly rainfall – so the next 4 months are ALL gravy… :-0

It is not like it is a LOT of rain, it is that it rains a LOT of the time, drizzling on us and then surprising us with a 5 minute torrential downpour and then the sun comes out. Rinse and repeat.

I know Californians would love some of this rain – but for us? Our summers are short enough, and all this rain and cold and hail just make Summer a slightly warmer, very humid, version of Winter.

In this photo looking out over Boulder [hidden behind the fog] I keep expecting the Loch Ness Monster to rear its serpentine head.

Tomorrow temperatures are supposed to be 30 degrees below normal. Thanks Calgary :-)

I think the lousier the climate, the more people tend to stay indoors and listen to music. Am I right or am I right?


The next day. September 12th. Hello Winter.

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