We are exhibiting at Capital Audiofest 2019

Audio Federation will be showing at Capital Audiofest CAP 2019. We have a very large room this year and it should be a blast.

What we are showing:

  • Acapella Audio Arts “Campanile 2” loudspeakers (Porsche agate gray horns with white cabinets)
  • Acapella Audio Arts “La Musika” integrated 2000 watt amplifier
  • Acapella Audio Arts “Audio One” music server.
  • Audio Note U.K. “DAC 5 Signature” digital to analog converter.
  • Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) SXR equipment rack and M3X2 isolation bases and Nimbus Couplers/Spacers (feet)
  • Assorted cables from Audio Note U.K., Acapella, et. al.

Neli went last year but this will be the first time I have been at an east coast show since Stereophile New York in 2005

I will try and record video and high-res audio of all the rooms… if you can’t make it with ‘your own eyes’ and ears!