Acapella “Apollon” speaker disassembly after Munich HiEnd 2019

This video was taken on the 3rd, the last, day of this year’s Munich HiEnd Show at the Munich Marriott. The elapsed wall clock time of this 11 minute video was from 6:00pm (show close) to 8:30pm. As we were scheduled for a see-ya-next-year dinner with Audio Note at 8:00pm [luckily, we were by no means the last to arrive! 🙂 ], we had to stop videoing before the speakers were completely disassembled. It doesn’t usually take this long to do this – but it does seem like the Acapella crew take a more relaxed approach to tear down than some others who are almost frantic (some exhibitors are amazing – all done and off to supper they go) – but they did have the other room with a ton of speakers on static display to deal with as well – so there is that.

People in the video: Neli, of Audio Federation. Alfred Rudolph (speaker designer and co-founder), Richard Rudolph (runs the factory) and Robert Rudolph (marketing and Silver Surfer) of Acapella Audio Arts.

The Acapella Audio Arts’ Apollon speakers weigh about 900 lbs each, use a powered plasma (ION) massless tweeter and have four 10 inch woofers per speaker. The top bass unit is about 200lbs heavy [I love the pained look on Richard’s face as they take each one down off of its perch 😉 ].