California Audio Show 2019

We went. We exhibited. We photographed and videod.

Never saw so many people amazed and confused by an 18 watt amplifier driving these speakers to more than fill up the room with gorgeous music – more as in Neli and Hermann and RGA like it loud enough to chase me out….. again [I went up to Nick and Lee’s for some sane volume listening 🙂 Luckily, Peter Qvortrup wasn’t in control of their volume, yet, otherwise I’d have to hightail it somewhere else yet again 🙂 [though he plays fun music…. not to say RGA doesn’t … 😉 … but seriously, I am so bored right now with the music Neli and Hermann (and I) play at shows … we HAVE to do something]] .

Showed the Acapella Campanile 2 again this year, but driven by Audio Note Kegon 300B amplifiers, and we used the EMM Labs DV2 DAC with volume control for D to A duties this year.

And… now we have a boatload of gear here that we need to assemble back into some kind of semblance of what passes for normality.

More soon….