Cessaro Horn Acoustics at Munich High-end 2019

Neli, Florian and I heard the Cessaro Beta II loudspeakers and Air II amplifier at the Munich High-end show May 12, 2019 , which I recorded in 24bit x 96kHz.

This was right after our visit to the Silbatone / Western Electric horn room and we were a little underwhelmed here [implying that at another time, this might have been more impressive to our ears]. Neli did like it enough the first day that she worked hard to make sure we all got to hear this room the last day.

There is a giant basshorn in the middle behind the equipment rack which was as hard to see in real life as it is here in the photos and video [it was a dark room].

Photos at: https://ultimist.com/experiences/shows/munich-2019/2019/06/02/cessaro-horn-acoustics-at-munich-high-end-2019/