Giving some lovin’ to our Audio Note SOOTTO power cords….

Audio Note has a long history of making power cords. We haven’t always been fans but the statement SOOTTO power cables ($11k-ish for 1.5 meters) and the affordable ISIS power cables ($450-ish for 1.5 meters) have made our ears very, very happy.

[don’t know about you, but if I can at least make my ears happy, it helps me to solider on to the next sucky tomorrow]

The SOOTTO is comparable to other cables in this price range (e.g. Nordost Odin 1) but is less aggressive and more emotional. Extreme detail but not etched detail like some other cables, which lets through the subtle variations in harmonics and dynamics that are needed to understand and appreciate what is the fantastical adventure happening in each note of each song we want to listen to.

The Audio Note ISIS power cord is an all-around performer in the vein of the SOOTTO [and is just slightly smaller in diameter] and we use them freely when we do not have enough SOOTTO on hand to power a system out. Sounds better than power cords at 5-times the price and we have [and sell!] a LOT of these.