SOLD: Nordost Odin (2.5m spade bi-wire) speaker cable

Wait! Yes, these are sold BUT we have a customer trying to sell his minty fresh 2.5 meter single wire pair, drop Neli a note or give her a call to inquire about the specifics. 

SOLD. Nordost Odin (2.5m spade bi-wire) speaker cable. Two and a half meters of Nordost’s now penultimate cable. Clear, even-handed perfectly neutral cables, and especially good at increasing and tightening bass [but will NOT fetch coffee, sorry].

New: $27000. USED PRICE: $13799.

We have a lot of experience with Nordost products and are unrepentantly, unabashedly fond of them. Send us an email ( or give Neli a call 303-546-6503 if you have any questions about the cables or, you know, anything else… Life. The universe. High-end audio. Whatever.


They are not really blueish like this, not sure why my Pixel 2 XL is doing this to me.

Nope, still not blue. Stupid camera.

This is the color they really are. Good camera.