CES 2018 and high-end audio

CES this year is even smaller than last year.

I count a very generous 66 rooms plus or minus, including rooms for earbuds, headphones and magazines. This is a far cry from just a few years ago when we had around 200 rooms in the Venetian and 60 to 100 rooms at T.H.E. Show held nearby.

But Neli wants to go, so…. [She’ll probably be found most of the time in the Lamm room. Me? I plan on taking photos, but think I’ll also be spending some time downstairs checking out the several 1000 booths in the Sands convention center]

Here are the floor plans:

Lamm  and Chord are the only people left on 34 and 35.


The rest of the rooms are on floor 29 [nothing is on 30 or 31 anymore except unrelated CES demo and meeting rooms].



CES has been declining for several years according to some statistics, not just the high-end audio portion. But it is big enough that it garners press attention, especially the main part of the convention. [“Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa”. OMG. As long as I can command either using my awful emulation of the Picard-esque “Computuh…”, I am good. :-)]