Withdrawn: Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) MXR equipment rack (demo) gloss black

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) MXR equipment rack (demo) gloss black automotive finish. Mint.

Our very well-loved MXR is no longer actively up for sale . The gloss black is AWESOME looking. The MXR is going out of production soon.  Yes,  we want to make room for the newer, better, more expensive, and more configurable HRS VXR rack. But after offering this at a really good price for some number of months, and after unpacking it and setting it up in our main listening room … we decided that we’d really rather not let it go.

If this is your dream equipment rack, give Neli a call or send an email or text and make us a reasonable offer.

MXR-4V-1921 (4-shelf capable, priced without shelves) NEW $22,000 with the special gloss black car paint [now unobtanium at any price].

Solid Brace Inserts (used to support an isolation base with more than 4 feet, shown (below) on the top shelf of the MXR) New $1,500 (pair).

We had a few demo M3 and M3x-1921 platforms as well, but they have all now moved to happy new homes. If you do need isolation bases, just ask and we can go through the options with you.

We have a lot of experience with HRS products (dealers since 2003). Send us an email (mike+neli@audiofederation.com) or give Neli a call 303-546-6503 if you have any questions about the MXR, or any of HRS’ other pieces.

For those unfamiliar with this rack, maybe you have read about some turntable or another, how great it sounds because of some kind of special vibration isolation technology it uses. And make no mistake, turntables are way ahead of most other components when it comes to these technologies. But with the MXR, you can have BETTER vibration isolation than that turntable is able to provide, and with YOUR turntable, not just the latest and greatest $$$ table of the week. AND, of course, your other components are going to enjoy being protected from those nasty vibrations just as much as your turntable. The thing about the MXR that clinches it for us is that the benefits are consistent across different gear and changes to the system. Some other racks kind of improve things for that particular component on the second shelf, but the third shelf, nothing sounds good on THAT shelf. And the fourth shelf only sounds good on Tuesdays. And if you get a new component, everything changes. Some of the more expensive racks are really kind of like that, even though I am making fun here to get the point across. [These kind of unpredictable performance enhancements drove us crazy back-in-the-day – they were yet another thing for us to worry about].

The MXR… the equipment rack that helps you to relax…. 🙂


Without solid brace inserts

The pair of solid brace inserts

They are heavy

One solid brace insert installed [they just smoothly fit over the cups where the HRS platform feet usually go]

Two solid brace inserts installed.