To boldly go where no ears have gone before

“To boldly go where no ears have gone before”. This is what we are running for Audio Federation in the program guide at California Audio Show (CAS 2017).

What do you think?

Of course, this is what most audiophiles do. Kind of the definition of “audiophile”.

But we can then joke about measly old “5 year missions”…

And… “strange new worlds”? You betchya. 🙂 Strange new worlds in my head.

Those good old altered mental states…. positive, or at least distracting, hallucinations. Maybe you call it “positive vibes” or “aural therapy” or “putting the feet up” or “shutting the world out”. This is certainly one of the primary reasons I am doing this Boldly Going with the Ears stuff.

But it is amazing to think about the fact that many of us, those of us who have boldly gone, hear music at a higher fidelity, and with a significantly greater over-all quality, than the musicians who played it ever did… or likely, ever will.

*We* know how their music actually sounds… and they do not. Cuh-razy, huh?

Anyway, hope to see you all in Boardroom V at CAS 2017!