A.J. Conti’s Transcendence turntable – LA Audio Show 2017

A.J. Conti’s Transcendence turntable debuted at the LA Audio Show, 2017, earlier this month.

The impressive specs are listed on the Basis website: A.J. Conti Transcendence.

This was his last and greatest design before he passed away unexpectedly late last year. I snapped a few extra photos.

The table is sitting on top of a new Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) VXR equipment rack.

A.J. was a proponent of using science to design tables [as opposed to say, Walker turntables, which use experimentation to arrive at their designs] and could argue his case quite convincingly :-).

He was a friendly face at just about every show we went to [even back in the day when I wrote more… acerbic… show reports :)] and he will be missed. Basis, the company, will continue with his wife at the helm.



IMG_9756-la-audio-show-basis-turntable IMG_9758-LA-audio-show-basis-turntable