The problem with Noobs on the Internet

The problem with Noobs on the Internet and why we have so many unhappy audiophiles [Ha! Thought I was going to talk about Noobs and politics didn’t you 🙂 Or reviewers. Or colleagues at work. Or your kids. Or… yep, this is pretty universal human behavior].

I guess there should be a follow up with how mass populations believe everything they hear in a new  technological medium when it is new, but slowly get ‘inoculated’ against all the same-old dirty tricks and misinformation and become immune there, just like they are in the old mediums. I mean, who believes TV commercials anymore, or You Have Won $1000000! letters in the mail [where is Ed McMahon when you need him 🙂 Maybe that is him at the door right now!!! Got to go!].

[Nope. Wasn’t him].

Maybe, just maybe, those new amps didn’t blow ANYONE away – maybe someone just wants to get your attention because they are lonely. Or they just want to think ‘made you look’.

What a world 🙂

Found the chart above in a course on Machine Learning. Neli and I are at the part of the graph where we think we know about 50% of what there is to know. 🙂 [Hey, it is a VERY new science. Not much to it ;-)]