Going to California II

Continuing our search for the new location for our home / store… in the general Silicon Valley area.

[Yes. This song is about L.A. but same state, right? Tried to find a good Jefferson Airplane version of this The Mamas & The Papas song. But nada. But this is a nice rendition].

In many ways it would be great if the house would have rooms that are about average. Average size, rectangular, real corners, tall but not too tall, etc. This so people can come and hear something and be sure that it will sound the same in *their* home.

But so many audiophile homes do not have ‘average’ rooms – there is a hallway to the side of one of the speakers, or one side of the room opens into a dining room or something. The roof is slanted as the listening room is just one area in a home with a cathedral ceiling. Often there may be a fireplace with a large hearth between the speakers. And on and on, an audiophile’s travail. [These ALL were the case with our main listening room in Boulder. So it was ‘average’ if not for the 24 foot ceiling and octagonal walls.

But, one can [should] *try* to get the ‘perfect room’ [without building one] when one moves. Right? Right???

Which is what we are doing here… with some degree of frustration we must admit.

Upper Peninsula


This is the living room – a little narrow but in other ways the perfect room for us. Long-ish, Reasonably tall. Rectangular. With a window with a view at one end. Both Audio Note and Acapella speakers would work here.


This is the larger, family room in this house.

Awesome, awesome views. Big rooms. Most are rectangular. A nice big garage for all the crates.

Really perfect.


E-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e [whew! knew that, right? :-)]

Plus, it is in one of the colder areas of the Peninsula – and Neli is sensitive to the cold.

And… The neighborhood was off-putting – getting glared at by the neighbors. [So many people fear change, leading to anger … but not so many of them here in Silicon Valley]. Pretty good security, I guess, but Life is too short.

So moving on…

We would love to find a listening room big enough for the large Acapella Apollon speakers [or even larger Poseidon speakers :-)]. I mean, if one is going to try and find a place that will host several audio systems, why not be a little ambitious [crazy]? 🙂