Audiophile Music – Music that always sounds good

Audiophile Music – Music that always sounds good, is different from audiophile pressings, or audiophile recordings, which is music that is recorded and/or manufactured much better than average.

Here is an example…

This is an *awesome* version of Neil Young’s Only Love can Break your Heart. Covers are hardly ever as good as the original, but as a Neil Young fan, this one is up there].

But it sounds good on Neli’s little computer speakers, my $500 Yamaha active computer speakers, on everything.

And this is the thing.

People play this kind of music at shows, and many audiophiles play this at home, but it does not tell you hardly anything at all about the quality of the stereo system. It does not put the $$$ in the system to good use. It does not exercise the qualities of the system.

Many audiophiles play only music like this, thinking that it sounds good so they must have a good sounding system.

And many rooms play this kind of music at shows.

But, who cares, right?

You should just be aware that when people or businesses want to show off their system and they put on music like this, and they are trying to convince you that their system sounds good, that they are being somewhat misleading, if not just a teensy weensy bit dishonest.