Lamm Industries, Kubala-Sosna, Emm Labs, TechDAS, Verity: CES 2015

The Lamm Industries, Kubala-Sosna, Emm Labs, TechDAS, Verity room at CES 2015. 44 photos.

This is the only room where I forgot to take a photo of the room sign. So, instead, here is a photo of what it looked like out looking the windows in the Lamm room.

The ‘Million Dollar System’ did not materialize as the big Verity speakers did not make it to the show. So we got to hear the smaller Verity Lohengrin II speakers. The speakers were bi-amped with the Lamm ML3 on the bottom (the larger amp put on the woofers) and the ML2.2 on the top. [! :-)]


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