Genesis Advanced Technologies: CES 2015

The Genesis Advanced Technologies room at CES 2015. 17 photos.

When I got to this room there was a woman standing in the middle of the room. It didn’t take me too long to figure out [although longer than you might think; even though I am known far and wide for my slow wit, this is quite an unusual situation here] that she was singing along with the studio master recording of herself on tape.

I feel so embarrassed and shy in these situations, the few that I have experienced in my life, where a performer who is obviously a professional performs for just a handful of people including myself. So I only took two photos, and learned once again that I am way, WAY better at photographing inanimate gear than people [not that I am that great at gear either, compensating for lack of quality with quantity – but I’m trying to get better!].

The sound?

A lot closer than you might think. She matched the loudness of her voice to that of the system. She ‘accompanied’ her recording, letting it set the pace. There was a little more emotion and dynamics in her real voice, especially since she was having fun [and there was a good amount of innuendo in the song, which allowed her to kind of ‘vamp’ herself ;-)] , and even added some words to the song that were in the original music but not on the tape.

It was like… if she had just moved her mouth to the words, and didn’t sing, you wouldn’t know you weren’t hearing her sing the real thing. But as soon as you heard her real voice, you knew it was the real one.

No. Don’t know who she was. [Ah. In the comments James tells us it was Lynn Stanley]


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