Audio Note P1 SE Amplifier

The Audio Note P1 SE Amplifier has taken the place of the Audio Note Soro integrated amplifier in our 100% Audio Note system.

Very different sound.

Where the Soro uses the 6L6 (guitar amplifier) output tube, the P1  uses the EL84 tube, like the Oto integrated.

Where the Soro is very dynamic the P1 SE  is very dense and rich.

I think.

Everything we are talking about here is between $2K and $7K.

Audio Note P1 SE amplifier

Now I wonder how Neli hooked it up, and whether the Audio Note M2 preamplifier is run into the P1 SE, or if  we are just using the nice volume control this amp has for those who want to forgo a pre.

This is the problem with these audiophile wives, they are always messing with the systems and not telling me what they did 😉

Anyway, we are letting this new configuration settle in and then we will be ready to enjoin the Oto versus Soro wars 🙂