Audio Note U.K. – RMAF 2014

The Audio Note U.K. room at RMAF 2014

The modest AN J/D speakers here were setup extremely well [thanks to Dave Cope, the exhibitor and AN rep. Neli and I had to take over exhibitor duties here from Dave due to a family emergency]. We all know [well, maybe not] that speaker setup is not a science, it is not magic, it is freaking LUCK! [or, typically, a heckuva lot of trial and error] which is hard when you have just minutes in a hotel room during show setup. There will be more photos of the J’s posted here to try and help the next exhibitor [probably Dave] who has to put J’s in this room at the next show. [The photos are still on a memory card. I took them later in the show]

There is also a List of what was in this room.


IMG_9582 IMG_9583 IMG_9584 IMG_9585 IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9588 IMG_9589 IMG_9590 IMG_9591

IMG_0283 IMG_0282


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