Humor: slow tube amplifiers

We were just having fun at the expense of slow sounding tube amps; maybe you will think this way of describing them is as hilarious as we do.

Not sure why ‘slow’ is such an appropriate word for some brands of tube gear… but it is!

For each note is it like…



I am a note. I am coming to see you. Watch out! Oh, yeah, here I come!

Don’t worry, it’s be soon now. It just takes me awhile to gain a little momentum. Feeling tired, you know?

Ah, it’s a wonderful day isn’t it?

Oh! Here I am.

So. How are you? And the kids? Wacky weather we are having, don’t you agree?

OK! Now it is time for the big decay.

You ready? Sure?

Maybe take a little nap. Feeling sleepy….

Well, that’s better. Guess I’ll be leaving you. Hope you enjoyed my stay!


Bye now…….



Are you sure you’re not getting a little gray….?