SOLD: Esoteric Mexcel 7N-A2500 XLR interconnect

SOLD.  Esoteric (Acrolink Mexcel Series) 7N-A2500 interconnect. 1 meter pair. Used, mint condition. In box.

Very nice interconnects built for Esoteric by Acrolink. Part of their premium Mexcel line, beautiful chromed XLR connectors. Very nice sound, excellent extension. MSRP $5600, asking $2750 obo.

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IMG_8196-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect-plaque IMG_8188-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect IMG_8190-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect IMG_8191-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect-box-label IMG_8191-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect-boxtop IMG_8194-esoteric-7n-a2500-xlr-interconnect-box