Sold: Pair Jorma Design No.1 loudspeaker cables

SOLD: One pair of Jorma Design No. 1 loudspeaker cables for sale. 3 meters, terminated with WBT spades. Mint condition. New retail $7475, asking $3250 obo.

These have excellent detail with the musicality Jorma Design is known for.

From the manufacturer:

The original classic that received the AUDIO EXCELLENCE AWARD 2007, in Japan.

The No.1 is the first cable that was created at Jorma Design and has a nice, relaxed sound. If you have No.2 cables they are easily upgradable to No.1.

The conductor is made of the purest possible copper. The cable is built up of 1-mm2 conductors, which are built up by 126 0.1 mm threads. A 3-metre bi-wiring set consists of 60 metres of conductor. The conductors are wound around a core made of thin ceramic threads. The purest form of Teflon insulation without any colour additives is used on the outside. The tube containing the Bybee filter is made of PVC-free plastic, which also is crush-proof. The plaited outer coating is also PVC and halogen free. A tightly plaited copper shield lies between the outer coating and the conductors, which is not only for preventing noise and interference, but also as a stabiliser against vibrations and micro phonics.

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