Ultimist 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Report

Finally got most of the photos up [still some for CanJam that I have to process and upload] and added all the videos from YouTube I could find to their appropriate show report room pages.

Ultimist RMAF 2013 Show Report

Still have to add everything to the database – but hopefully I can do that over the next month or two. You know, before CES in early January? When we kind of all over do it just a wee little bit [I know Munich is the new CES, but CES is still the old CES. And it is Las Vegas. And it is warm(er). And I understand English better than German.].

161 rooms, if one counts CanJam as a room, plus 3 that I missed. This show is starting to get kind of big.

The videos can be useful if you know what to listen for – they can reveal the real sound of the room, the good and the bad.

And that’s a wrap. Sp long RMAF 2013. Hello sanity.