RMAF 2012 – Day 3

A few odds and bits – mostly of the last day.

The smaller [compared to previous years] Nola speakers were in room 2021. Always a nice big relaxed clear sound in this large room.

Acoustic Zen in room 1009. Also always reliable providing us all a musical and engaging sound.

Audio Limits with the big Venture speakers on FM Acoustics filled, FILLED, this large room with loud authoritative rock and roll

An attempt to capture what the Audio Power Labs amps on the Leonardo speakers really looked like in person in the Pikes Peak room on the Mezzanine

Ray Kimber and the Bronco’s marching band. Ray arranged for these folks to play at the end of the show. They later played some rousing music to help people pack by both in the area by the tower elevators and in the atrium. I was up on the 5th floor packing and when they played in the atrium, it was quite loud. A reminder that real acoustic music is often louder than how most of us play it at home.

Neli and Bob Neill of Amherst Audio

Neli and Dave Cope of Audio Note

Mike Marko previous of Audiophile Systems now with Nordost – perhaps just a wee bit little slower on the draw than yours truly 🙂

Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio demonstrating another possible use for a piece of his massive $1000 4-shelf rack

Goodbye RMAF, until next year.