RMAF 2012 – day 1

Things you might want to check out…

Esoteric and Cabasse in the conifer 1 room [behind the registration desk… kind of]

Sorry, but I got a kick out of this Audio Limits lamp in the Primrose room [also on the 1st floor, at the end of the hall extending from the atrium]

Tektron in 446

The headphone area seemed about twice as big as last year [or was that the year before?]. Anyway, lots to see here.

Estelon with Vitus in 517

Hsu Research in 510 was a very well-balanced inexpensive system

Bob Carver, Analysis Plus, in 506

The Rethm room in 501 keeps improving dramatically each year to the point where it is one of the better sounds at the show that I heard today

Sonist and Snake River Audio in 549

Ginko Audio, Wells Audio, DanaCable in 427

The new Feickert Firebird turntable in 423

SVS’s largest subwoofer, in room 441

Line Magnetic’s LM-219 IA integrated amp in room 578

Audio Note’s new outboard turntable power supply in room in room 566

Gershman Acoustics displayed several new speakers n room 555

GTT Audio with YG Acoustics Anat III without the bass units on a Accuphase and Veloce front end this year (instead of the Soulution and a hard disc drive last year) in room 535