THE Show 2012 (at CES) – Fritz speakers, WyWires, Electra Fidelity, Resolution audio, Zesto audio

Fritz monitor speakers, Resolution Audio CD player, Electra Print amplifier, WyWire cables

The Fritz ‘Carbon 7’ loudspeaker

The Fritz Carbon 7 speaker with Optari reel-to-reel player in the background

They were also using a laptop here in this room

Not sure what this is

Resolution Audio CD player

Zestos Audio’s Andros PS1 Phono stage

Electra Fidelity

Nice looking Electra Print Audio amplifier

Electro Print Audio amplifier – but a little dusty

The Optari MX5050 B 2HD Reel-to-reel recorder

An Electra Fidelity integrated amp on static display

The Fritz speaker display by the door – one of the mags had just given them a positive review.