CES 2012 – Davone

The very existence of these speakers implies that some people find the ordinary everyday speaker ugly, an unacceptable eyesore in the home. There are other speakers like this, glass speakers, colorful eyeball speakers, or, of course, in-wall speakers…

Me, I think ordinary speakers are cool, like large, glass front bookcases or big cherry armoires – which are also probably out of fashion.

But as we all know, fashion goes through cycles…

I sure am anxious to see this one end ๐Ÿ™‚

I can really envision young people liking these Davone speakers, like the guys on the Friends TV series [instead of their Martin Logans]. And the Davone speakers do seem to be winning lots of awards.

Davone Ray loudspeaker

Davone Ray loudspeaker rear

Davone Ray loudspeaker from above

Davone Grande loudspeaker

Davone Grande loudspeaker

Davone Grande loudspeaker from the rear

Davone Mojo loudspeaker

Davone Mojo loudspeaker

Davone Rithm loudspeaker

Davone Rithm loudspeaker rear

This room driven by Bel Canto electronics and XLO cables